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Belly Girl 18 "PUNCHED"   This young girl was just asking for it. I punched her stomach in every way I could think of for about 20 minutes, I beat Vanity with gloves, with out gloves, boxing gloves, then grappling gloves, then barefist. I punched her sexy young tight belly knowing she has never been stomach punched before and I beat her good. You tell me if she is something special and what do we do next with her. I gave it my all like promised and really laid some hard punches into her.  Vanity said she wants to prove she is the toughest girl on the site. I am sure this pretty sexy belly is feeling it badly. Let's see if she comes back or accepts a custom video order after this stomach punching beat-down.   

20 Minutes. 304 MB. wmv format.  Free preview

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