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Belly Button Lovers custom video.
Customer writes: I would like the models involved to be Phoenix and Lexus.   0 – 5 min.: I want Phoenix to be on a coach in the studio with one hand fingering her belly button and the other hand in her panties (touching / fingering her pussy).  5 – 10 min.: I want Lexus to enter the scene. I want her to join her on the coach and lick Phoenix's belly button while grabbing Phoenix's boobs. I would like them to pretend to be sisters and like Lexus "caught" her sister masturbating her belly button. 10 – 15 min.: Now I want Lexus to start licking her navel and fingering Phoenix's belly button (I would like Phoenix`s belly button to start getting red and sore from such belly button stimulation). 15 – 20 min.: I want both of them to sit on the couch next to each other and start fingering their own belly buttons. 20 – 25 min: I want them to stand up and start kissing while fingering each other's belly buttons. . 25 – 30 min: I want Phoenix to lie down in the coach and Phoenix starts licking Lexus's belly button. I want this to be the hottest navel love video ever produced. Let me know if it is possible to make my fantasy come true.


28 Minutes. 650 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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