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Ava and Phoenix were set up to have a fair stomach punching contest to see who is tougher. Ava and Phoenix never met before and they both wanted to prove to the fans who can win. The rules were discussed and after the contest started the girls went at it driving their bare clutched knuckles deep and hard into the pit of the stomach at times leaving the blow held in to make it so much more painful. Phoenix broke down and was destroyed by AVA half way through the contest. Her stomach was so beat in she couldn't get back up off the floor. Phoenix knew she was at a loss and called it. Phoenix is NO match for AVA. She was forced to quit the contest, she simply could not take another single punch to her sore swollen belly any longer. Phoenix tells AVA the if she is so tough then she should be able to take punches with the heavy lead ball. Ava was feeling so happy she beat Phoenix and allowed Phoenix to work her with the heavy lead ball. BIG MISTAKE! Phoenix breaks AVA down with the ball and AVA's ABS were no match to take this kind of severe punishment. Ava goes down hard and gets winded so bad she stays down barley able to catch a breath. Phoenix tells her she had this coming to her and it was HER turn to punch out some of the girls. Phoenix does a perfect job cheating with the heavy lead ball and AVA was very sorry she agreed to take the challenge. Phoenix destroys AVA with the ball (even after quitting half way through AVA's devastating blows that makes Phoenix dizzy after knocking the wind out of her with each dead on target punch.) Phoenix has a soft perfect sexy stomach that is clearly no match for AVA's hard 6 pack abdominal wall. Both girls get busted and broken down, winded and beat so hard. Using a heavy lead ball makes a huge difference and evened the score in this handicapped match.

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