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The Crazed Hunter captures AVA. Sedated and chained to a bed in panties the attacker begins to go to work on the sexy girls ABS. Ava will not remember a thing after being worked over semi aware of her surroundings. As she becomes more aware she has been captured the Hunter forces a huge play thing inside her mouth making her suck it while taking punches to her stomach. Ava is to slow to flex properly and in time because of her being woozy from whatever the hunter did to her. Her ABS are beaten red and beaten sore, punched in stomach while semi flexed and un-flexed. Some punches land deep into her un-flexed belly and some jabs bounce off her hard abs. The Hunter times his punches so they will be most effective. Added repeated Quick jabs consistently breaks her down. The Hunter goes to work on his new capture and leaves her tied and bound for another day. His partner in crime silently video tapes the capture of AVA.

21 Minutes. 504 MB. wmv Format. Free preview

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