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Ashley vs Upgrade with Jill Lauren:  Jill Lauren matches up Ashley and Upgrade for a Stomach Punching contest.  Jill sees to it Ashley and Upgrade do their best to win this contest.  Jill punishes Ashley and Upgrade with devastating blows because they were not punching hard enough in the beginning. The contest continues with extremely harder blows after Jill pounds each of the girls herself. The lead filled grappling gloves go on and the stomach busting impacts land harder. The reactions are way more extreme with much longer recovery. Jill has the girls continue knocking each-other breathless even after they both had enough. Ashley and Upgrade are busted completely from the contest and the punishment from Jill weakens both girls to complete exhaustion.  Revised with clear HD enhancement, much larger viewing size and bigger file size. Bright colors and clearer viewing. This classic contest is not to be missed.

31 Minutes. 708 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview

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