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ASHLEY'S DREAM REVISED: Ashley Grace is invited to Jill Laurens work out room, Ashley had a dream that Jill worked her ABS over with an extreme abdominal work out while taking punches in the stomach. Then kisses and punches while Ashley's stomach is beaten in so tender and sore. Jill rips Ashley's abs so much that flexing will hurt even more. Ashley takes the punishment and has her abdominal wall completely busted, bruised and swollen red. Jill slams Ashley with the lead filled grappling gloves targeting all of her sexy flat, tone mid section while kissing her giving her the most intense pleasure and pain. After Jill works over Ashley on the work-out bench, Ashley is beat and kissed until she slides down the wall and unable to get up. Ashley's ABS are completely busted. REVISED to a bigger screen size in a clearer resolution, with bright colors and a larger file size.

20 Minutes. 453 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview

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