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Ashley Grace, Jumped by a gang of 4 girls: AMIRA ROSE, UPGRADE, CONTROVERSY and TORI. ALL AT ONCE! Ashley was PULVERIZED! This custom order by Frances. 4 on 1 beat-down on poor Ashely's sexy stomach. First the girls tie her to a pole! They then beat her over a bench! Then they tie her up inside a doorway! Poor Ashley has her top removed exposing her new look while her belly and complete stomach is beat in by the whole gang of girls. Frances (the script writer) really has it out to see Ashley get destroyed. They punch her with their bare fists, then Axe style blows, and even finish her off with boxing gloves! All the girls get their shots at Poor Ashley. REVISED in a much larger viewing size, in Clear HD, brighter colors and much larger file size.

20 Minutes.  725 MB.  MP4 Format.  Free Preview

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