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        Ashley Grace training in the ring while Jill Lauren instructed her.  The pink boxing gloves complimented Ashley’s new look as she fired away at the corner post. Jordana enters the studio and meets catches a glimpse of Ashley for the first time. Ashley was instantly attracted to Jordana and for Jordana it was love at first site.  The two beauties have never met before and Jordana removes her outfit in hopes to seduce Ashley. Jill leaves the studio and the two are left alone to play. Ashley completely dominates Jordana and works her sexy belly over punching and pounding away on each corner post of the ring. Jordana loves the punches and shakes into orgasm from being dominated. Ashley fires away with the gloves and also with her bare fists. The most erotic belly punching and navel love lasts until Jordana goes down. Ashley seduces Jordana while pounding her post to post first bound to the ropes then untied. Once down for good Ashley mounts Jordana. It's time for Ashley to take Jordana into ecstasy.

28 Minutes.  457 MB.  wmv format. Free Video Trailer

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