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KRISSY KOVEN - Superior Audio and pro lighting - two camera angle footage.
He wonders just how much she is tingling from the repetitive low rapid jabs below her reddened navel and just how excited she is.  He pounds her lower belly with light erotic punches at a rapid speed and moment later waves of pleasure rolled through her body. Krissy screamed out grasping his wrist and hold his fist steady on her lower belly. The most intense pleasure shed ever experienced flowed through her as she wanted more and more.  The pleasure hurt but her body wanted it and craved it. At this point the Dungeon Master is only half way done with Krissy and she slides back in the chair slippery wet from her own sweat. Her belly was red and sore now and her ABS were no longer able to flex as he waits for the chance to catch her belly soft. Krissys perfect stomach shows an awesome set of ABS when flexed. Her body began to tighten again and she can be worked over so she can be as tough as the other girls and worked over she was. Rubbing her beaten belly not able to leave the chair yet she made it clear she wants the fans to like her.

28 Minutes. 681 MB. wmv format. Free preview

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