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"ANASTASIA"  Scenario -   Anastasia & Sirra
Sirra is sleeping in late when Anastasia finds her roommate wearing her pajama bottoms. Pissed off Anastasia rudely wakes up Sirra and pounds her stomach in for 20 minutes as punishment for taking her belongings. Sirra learns her lesson after taking a massive pounding while fully clothed in pajamas. Aggressive face sitting while being stomach punched, the deep hard punches land non-stop as the angry strong young beauty does not let up. Bare fist punches land while the victim of the beatdown is fully clothed. The attacker half dressed and pissed off that her clothes have been taken by her roommate shows no mercy at all.  Anastasia destroys Sirra. Sirra is left writhing in pain.

20 Minutes. 476 MB. wmv format. Free preview

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