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Anastasia vs Phoenix (Erotic Competitive) two of the sexiest hot girls to ever hit the mat put on the boxing gloves for the very first time. Both of these young beauties had never put their hands in side boxing gloves ever before. Anastasia and Phoenix never been hit in the stomach with gloves ever before and in such an erotic way they experience an awesome sensation. This boxing bout is semi-competitive and starts as Phoenix finds Anastasia working out on the mat doing crunches while wearing her new red boxing gloves. Phoenix walks over during the work-out to punch the virgin belly in the stomach with her gloves on. To Phoenix's surprise she likes it a lot and gives her permission to hit her more. Phoenix asks for a few punches and likes it as well. The two sexy hot boxing babes go at it punching one another liking and enjoying every punch with the moans of pleasure. The two divas continue till they tire out on the mats.. This is the hottest match with the gloves on while the learning pair of beauties first discover what it feels like to take it with boxing gloves. Both girls are extremely turned on during the match and enjoy it completely through to the end. The mild force glove punches give the ladies a tingling feeling and makes them very excited as they express themselves on the new red mats. The ladies have never been trained to punch or receive boxing glove blows and they enjoy the self learning experience that they will never forget.

16 Minutes. 386 MB. wmv format. Free preview

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