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Title: ALLEY WAY (REVISED) Cast; Lexus vs. Controversy, Riot, Ginger. Story Line; Lexus is coming home late from getting her hair done at the salon and cuts through the alleyway. Controversy, Riot & Ginger are in the Alley. Lexus is trespassing and the girls do not let her get away. Starting with an argument, and then a shoving match, the 3 on 1 beat-down of Lexus begins. Lexus's stomach is beat by all three girls as they hold her in place knocking the wind out of her. Controversy, Riot & Ginger give Lexus the worst beating she ever encountered. Many holds including full-nelson while Lexus is in the wrist-cuffs strapped to the fence. Lexus's wrist strapped behind her back & each girl takes turns holding her arms back as well, back-breaker stretch while 2nd & 3rd girl secure Lexus's arms & legs. Punches;; uppercuts, left/right combinations, straight punches, 2 girls alternating punching Lexus, Lexus receives axe-handle smashes to her arched stomach while in the back-breaker stretch, knees to the gut. Lexus is beat-down to the ground. (REVISED to CLEAR HD VIEWING QUALITY)

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