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ALEXIS RAIN -vs- GIA PRIMO Custom video order: Many punches are pressed in as far as possible and held in. When punched, they bend over slightly and thrust her butt out and up while clutching the arm of the other one while the is buried. Vocal reactions of oomph or oouuff and oooh sounds, with some sexy versions of these sounds mixed in. Facial reactions include ballooning cheeks as if breath is forced out, open mouth wide eyed stunned expressions. Toward the end of the clip the vocal reactions can change to the sounds made when trying to keep from. Some of the punches throughout the clip when held in can be pumped in further causing additional orgasmic reactions with each pump. All punches take place while standing away from walls or other surfaces, both girls wearing 2 piece lingerie.

23 Minutes. 569 MB. wmv format. Free preview

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