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Alexis Rain -vs- Jill Lauren.  Abs-Fight ,  abs punching,  Alexis from go is convinced she will win against Jill and takes a brutal abdominal beating before she has to submit to Jill sexual desires. Alexis doesn't know when to quit and hurts Jill with solar plexus punches. Jill stands to hold her reputation and returns fire with plexus power punches. The two battle it out for over 20 minutes then the last few minutes erotic sexual submission, more punches and belly love takes place in the ring. Alexis has a  hard punch and fires with dead on acuracy abspunching. Jills true submissive side comes out when Alexis turns the tables and forces Jill to please her.

29 Minutes.  430 MB.  wmv Format.   Free preview

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