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Customer Wrote: Here is the script for my custom video order.
Outfits: Victim is wearing a tight silk collared button up blouse tucked in a business dress or slacks. Sleeves rolled up at the elbows unbuttoned at the collar to expose some collar bone and chest. Models Size and Stature: Have the Puncher and Holder be taller than the victim. Male puncher, holder is Female. Story Outline: Business woman is beaten in her office by two thugs who accuse her adultery. Timeline Script: Victim's arms are held from behind in a chicken wing hold. The Holder is aggressive. The holder holds on to the right tri-cep with his/her left arm and vice versa for a tighter grip.(Refer to the Attached Images) The holder aggressively pulls the victim back up after the victim is doubled over by the punches, sometimes the holder pushes his/her crotch slightly forward and leaned slightly back to expose the victim. All the punches are uppercuts and sometimes resting and letting the victim fold over from the punch. Then the victim is held in a full nelson with her elbows spread up/out. Victims arms are dangling.The punches remain the same. Sometimes the victim is left held upright and pulled back for the uppercuts.

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