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ABS PUNCHING CHALLENGE HONEY MALONE TAKES IT WITH GLOVES! Lily pounds her guts in while UN-able to see and block her stomach. Honey takes the ABS Challenge with hands tied behind back.Lily really pumps her stomach good and near the end Honey's ABS weakens and as a result of slow flexing Lily punches that stomach good while it is soft causing Honey to get winded from the gloved blows that penetrated through the abdominal wall and goes deep in the stomach. Worked ABS lose quick flex and the belly punch become more effective knocking the wind out of the 6 pack as time goes on. Honey takes a belly punching beating with boxing gloves as Lily goes all out in this challenge. Multi camera views, pro audio sound and superior lighting along with brilliant colors in this 1080 HD video.

23 Minutes. 887 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview

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