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Personal Training (The AB Buster) Extreme belly work over. This poor woman wishes she could have the ABS that Jin has , so what does she do? Hire Jin as a Personal Trainer She get a 16 minute ABS work out the hard way. When asked if she could be worked over and after agreeing to allowing her Trainer to strap her in to the AB BUSTER there is no escape once the brutal belly work out starts. Punch after punch while forced to do the crunches in the modified lounge. The woman cries out in pain begging the work out to end, but the work over continues until the Trainer says it's over! Then Sweet Revenge Monique's turn to give Jin a lesson, Pay Back's a bitch as the AB Buster back fires on Jin. Unable to last more than 3 minutes of Monique’s well placed damaging punches. (Jin had been working her ABS hard for the past two days but, was that an excuse? You decide. Is Monique going to be able to beat Jin? or did she already?? Was Jin's modified AB Buster too much for even herself?

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