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Sarena Sloan able to submit shackled from the wrists and ankles.  Putting her abdominal flexibility to the maximum test. The wear time gradually increases reducing the “break in time” to a few minutes as the jabs get quicker and harder. Sarena's hardcore abdominal muscle break-down period  can take much longer to break-down and soften up because of her awesome flexing. Targeting and activating those muscles even targeting the low belly muscles to achieve rock-hard abs tests of muscle strength and endurance the testing of maximal muscular power. Her abs flex instantly to overcome the blows and quick jabs many times. ‎Abdominal Endurance test slave in submission in a hardcore bondage slave training being broken in. Breaking in the new recruit, softened  up and tested she is able to tolerate it and will quickly challenge the DarkFlicks Girls. Sarena is now part of the team an ready to take on the girls for custom video orders.  This is Sarena's Open Casting call Challenge .
Editors Notes: Two HD camera views mounted on steady tripods nicely edited together, Pro Audio sound and lighting to set the mood. No Talking just thud sounding punches and perfect reactions.


23 Minutes. 661 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview.

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