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This Custom Requested By A Supported Board Member: Rampage is showing the new girl Emily the ring. Abby comes in looking for a workout. She asks them what they are doing their and Rampage tells her she was just showing Emily around. Abby tells them that this is no place for models. Ava being sneaky, sneaks in behind Abby and hears everything. Ava who has a grudge grabs Abby and holds her arms back. Ava tells them to hit her. Both Rampage and Emily deliver hard alternating punches to Abby's stomach weakening her. They then drag Abby to the corner and cuff her wrists behind her back. Ava delivers the hard uppercut jabs to Abby's exposed stomach knocking the wind out of her. Abby continuously falls to the mat clutching her stomach, breathing hard and gasping for air. Both Rampage & Emily hold her legs and arms at bay so Ava can deliver hard left right combinations to Abby's upside-down stomach. With all the holding and punch combinations above Abby would not withstand this punishment much longer. They finally stretch out Abby in the ring, Rampage straddles her and starts punching Abby's stomach mercifully. Abby is gasping for air but Rampage continues punching that already beaten stomach. Ava & Emily also take turns on Abby.

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