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Fitness model Abby Star needs to get conditioned to take on the annihilator. This is Abby's extreme abdominal workout to condition for the new prop. Ava breaks down Abby's abs with consecutive, continuous, rapid-fire blows that jolt Abby's entire body. Abby takes on the full on punches as she demands for more. Abby wants to show her fans that she is conditioned and wants to be the top girl. Abby provokes Ava to lay the blows deep into her hard flexed abs. Ava knocks the wind out of Abby with the devastating blows that take her down multiple times. Abby gets back up for more and proves to the fans she's number one. Boxing glove lovers, you DO NOT want to miss this! By the end of this video, you will agree that Abby is ready to be fully cranked on the ANNIHILATOR!

22 Minutes. 526 MB. wmv format. Free Preview.

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