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ABAYOMI IN TRAINING: (ABAYOMI 2)  The beautiful Abayomi has failed her first screen test. The woman however wants a second chance. So before we place her with the girls we put her in training. This is Abayomi in training so that we can use her for video production and possibly get custom video orders. her first video sole pretty good so we thought we would give her the 2nd chance. Putting her in training to receive some punishment although her pain tolerance is ridiculously low. This girl can not take it in the stomach and she really needs to to be accepted by the fans. So here she goes through a series of jabs covering all the areas for her perfect belly. The punches are on the lighter side still but we are working her. Putting her with our girls would not be a good idea just yet. Send us your thoughts after viewing this please. Do we keep her on or let her go? Maybe a Navel Love video before we fire her?  We really would like to use her on the site but...

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