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New comer Shelly Grace actually challenged one of the girls that punched her in the last video, but with a catch! Sucker punched while blindfolded and then put head to head  toe to toe in a full on punching contest. This amazing contest shows two girls with ABS who can take some really good jabs while getting sucker punched. After the ABS on both girls are broken down and softer the contest begins. BOTH GIRLS took all the punches showing incredible endurance for 35 minutes while remaining completely silent even through the recovery. SHELLI GRACE RUNS to puke from the sucker punches (CAPTURED ON VIDEO) THEN returns to the ring to finish taking down the other girl. In this round the girls wouldn't give in or give up they took it down to the mats.

35 Minutes. 609 MB. MP4 Format. Free Preview.

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