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AB-DUCTED-(Revised): Out for a night of fun and clubbing...and falling victim to a couple of sexual predators, who decide that  their helpless victim will SERVICE them...or be PUNCHED, over and over, into complete submission and compliance... This is more than an erotic video, it is a new level in bellypunching fantasy - half nightmare and half dream - and a new take on the darker side . Jin is beaten, pounded and PUNCHED into doing what the brutal couple wants, whatever their whim, So long as she satisfies them, she is allowed to rest, and if not, she is slugged, repeatedly, HARD, DEEP...until she gives them what they demand, Used, Rag-dolled, forced to service them over and over, mercilessly, barely able to respond, at times, used to render her helpless, she is used, abused and finally discarded, a mere plaything for their cruel lusts.

30 Minutes. 688 MB. MP4 Format. Free preview

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