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Caged slave girl released from the cage and cuffed hands behind back. Belly punched, stomach punched  beaten on the floor. Tazed, shocked into numbness and punched again while UN-able to flex for the blows due to the muscles being paralyzed from the shock cattle prod tazer.  Water tortured, dragged, degraded by submerging head in dirty used and filled toilet. After the beat-down the worn out dirty slave girl is restrained to the "Sinister Stool"  The most abusive prop of all time giving the Dungeon Master leverage and position to severely work over the victim. Again tazed, water tortured and punched in the stomach until play time is over.  Play toy slave girl is returned to her cage to be saved for later.  Customs for the continuation or sequel are now being accepted.

21 Minutes. 642 MB.MP4 Format. Free preview.

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